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Today, different login names as well as different passwords are needed for various web pages. Because these data is needed at home, office and other places, the cell phone is the ideal device for storing this information.

With HashLink you can store all important login names and relevant passwords encrypted on your cell phone. The retrieving of this information is only possible by means of a master password. Unauthorized persons can not retrieve this information without the master password. For the encryption of the information, the Blowfish algorithm with a 448 bit key is used.


  • Safe (448 Bit encryption, Masterpassword)
  • Easy data input/ retrieving of the information
  • Important data always with you (cell phone)

HashLink features include:

  • HashLink can be installed on every JAVA capable cell phone (MIDP 1.0)
  • All information is encrypted with a 448 Bit key. The encryption algorithm is the Blowfish algorithm
  • The user password (master password) itself is not stored. This increases the general safety. The information is encrypted by a random 448 Bit key. This generated key is stored again, encrypted by the master password (SHA-1 and Blowfish Algorithms)
  • The password can be changed at any time without new encryption of the total database.
  • After 15 minutes without actions, an automatic logoff occurs
  • The number of records in the commercial version is limited only by the available storage space on the cell phone

A powerful security solution for your Java cellphone.

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